Hills Walk



Responsibilities of Walk Leaders

Selection of Route –  Points to Consider

Level of difficulty – is it suitable for grade of walk being planned?

Length of walk – appropriate for grade of walk?

Distance from St. Agnes to start of walk, especially for afternoon walks during winter.

Route of Walk

If you are unfamiliar with your proposed route, or have not walked it for some time, carry out a recce at least 2 weeks before the date of the actual walk.

Ensure that the route is of suitable length and difficulty for the walk grade being considered.

You must have time to let members know of any necessary alterations based on your recce.

Meeting Arrangements

The principal meeting place is Benbowie Street. St. Agnes, but alternative meeting venues are given on the programme for most walks.

If the walk leader does not plan to go to St. Agnes, they must delegate another club member to meet walkers at St. Agnes and organise lifts for everyone present to the start of the walk .

Before Starting the Walk

Walkers gather in a circle. The leader briefly outlines the route to be taken, and describes the features of the walk.

Walkers introduce themselves and number off  in turn around the circle.

A strong walker is appointed as ‘Tail end Charlie’. This person will remain behind all the other walkers throughout the walk.

Finishing the Walk

The walk leader ensures that all walkers have returned safely to their cars.



Print all these forms and take them with you when you are leading a walk

Click here for Members' Walk Record

Click Here for Casual Walker / Temporary Member form

Click Here for Member application/risk form

Click here for Incident Report Form